Condolence comes from the Latin word condolere, which means to grieve or to suffer with someone. A letter or message of condolence may not be in the best-known grammar or words, but what should be kept in mind is the pure sincerity that should accompany it. In simple terms, condolence is the message we send across someone to sympathize with them in their misfortunes, pain arising due to the death of a loved one or mental trauma.

When an individual condole or offer their condolences to a particular situation or person, they give a piece of their feelings and support them consciously. Condolences words are always used to express a common opinion or a common feeling. It doesn’t have to be long or short, what matters is the genuine feeling of the heart.

A condolence message is a heartfelt message sent out to someone in times of sadness, death of a loved one and during times of misfortune. When such circumstances hit a person, the ultimate thing to do is to show concern, love, and sympathy. The message which we write to such a person in difficult times as such can be termed as a condolence message. When someone we care about has lost their dear ones, often time there are no words to comfort them. Offering messages of prayers and sympathy can help them to feel light at heart and assurance of the Creator’s Will.

In times of sadness, words of love and encouragement may not be enough to cheer the grieving person. As a fellow being sympathizing with the person, one should be careful with the words spoken, they should not expect a thank you in return or make false promises or careless words. Apart from the messages, a person should be physically available to the mourner for any kind of help needed. People in trauma often try to search for the inner light during dark times and being there for them is also an example of self-being sympathetic.


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