Ophthalmetry online prides itself on being one of the largest suppliers of used optical equipment in Asia. From Retinal cameras to Auto Refractors and Keratometers, Fundus Camera, Tonometers, Lasik Laser, Zeiss Oct, Nidek Oct, etc the online platform carries a wide selection of the best equipment available. As a business, the team values to improve every facet of what they do. Integrity, honesty, and experience dictate the choices they make for their business and the way they interact with the customers. For this reason, they only offer premium ophthalmic instruments that their clients can rely on.

Customers have always demanded Slit Lamp among other necessary equipment. A Slit Lamp is an important tool that is used when a person has an eye diagnosis. Slit Lamp for ophthalmic has helped to diagnose quite a large number of eye diseases. Before any diagnosis is made, there is a special type of dye applied to the eye to make the process easier and more effective. The Slit Lamp accurately diagnoses the eye and get details of what could be the problem. This equipment has highly increased the accuracy of health professionals and has currently been ranked as a must-have for medical professionals.

Ophthalmetry has a range of Fundus Camera Imaging of different brands. One such brand is the Optos Monaco Ultra WideField Retina Imaging. This device is the sole UWF imaging device having an integrated OCT to help eye care professionals enhance their clinical examination and enhance practice economics. Ultra WideField as mentioned is a streamlined desktop UWF retinal imaging apparatus, which provides greater imaging performance, according to a company press release.

Optos Monaco Ultra WideField Retina Imaging, known for its dominance in ultra-widefield imaging has also announced that it is bringing spectral-domain OCT capacities to its Monaco desktop imaging device for eye care practices.


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