Believe it or not, disposed garbage contributes to land and water pollution in a very alarming scale. Burn those garbage and you have another problem of air pollution. Now nature has a way of restoring everything to normal, and balancing itself. Unfortunately, it comes short against plastics because they are non-biodegradable which a major bummer is because most people would rather use plastic in any form. There are many forms of plastics that are present in a household but let us just get with the basics: plastic bags.

Small, flexible and very useful, but also very toxic and despite their usefulness, they do more harm than heal. Now when it comes to households, everyone has used plastic bags, be it for shopping or for disposing the garbage. Now plastic bags have been around for so long, and those little buggers have been used and discarded all that time, so much that they also have started accumulating themselves into a major environmental threat.

Thus the use of plastic free bags is an ultimate solution to this problem, and unlike their plastic counterparts, these are biodegradable and yes, you can even burn them without any repercussions, recycle and save the environment a whole lot of trouble. Basically, a plastic free bag can do anything that a plastic bag can, plus they feel lighter, can be organized better and they are eco-friendly.

Of course you will find no trouble getting disposable bag because the importance of not using plastic has finally reached the minds of the people, and now people do understand the harm plastic can cause to our surroundings, our seas and our skies. Better to start out small and climb your way up than to not take any decisions at all until it is too late, don’t you think? Of course you might think that what can you as an individual do by using plastic free bags, but what have you got to lose? Besides, they can make your load feel lighter and yeah you would be making a difference.


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