Venturing at the second-highest mountain in Indonesia is not a joke. Perhaps, it takes effort and aspirations to concede the challenge. Rinjani trekking took almost 8 hours to climb the mount. Although the 8-hour long trekking through rough terrain was dangerous, it was worth putting effort. From the top of the mountain offers a great view of nature’s beauty. Perhaps, the magnificence of the sacred Rinjani gives to those who only sweat and overcome the challenge. The experience in one mountain offers the benefit for a lifetime.

Rinjani is undoubtedly the best thing venturer and enthusiast will have. Therefore, people are thronging this natural beauty to enjoy the luxuries of the charm. As such, it is essential to have the latest update of the Rinjani trekking. Although many enthusiasts are gearing to explore this mesmerizing maggot, beauty has certain limitations. As such, one can trek only until the crater rim of Mountain. Hence, the summit trekking is still not yet decided and opens for exploration.

The Rinjani trekking to the summit has restrictions due to the adverse impact on the edge due to natural forces. Since the place is in the strategic location of volcanoes, frequent volcanic eruptions have mutilated and adverse for people to visit. Therefore, the official permit to trek beyond the crater is not permissible to any individual irrespective of novice or professional. Hence, it is illegal to trek beyond the rule of the place. However, the beauty and nature’s bosom below the crater rim will not make the subjugation to trek.

The latest update for rinjani trekking is very advisable and essential for people to follow. As such, the permitted areas are Senaru, which can take 150 trekkers per day. Besides, every strategic place in the mountain, like cimbalom, aikberik, and timbanuh, accepts trekkers according to the area capacity. Moreover, for the safety of foreign travelers, trekking through an established company is mandatory.


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