Music is an essential component of the human experience. When people are sad, they listen to music that matches the mood. Music helps articulate feelings following a breakup. Most men and women want to listen to sad music after a breakup while others release their emotions through lyrics. Some say that listening to a sad song makes you sadder, but according to some studies, it helps eliminate sad emotions. It’s unhealthy to hold sadness, so it is better to encounter grief because it allows the emotions to develop more powerful.

Hunid, an artist, did not hold in his emotions and decided to share his emotions with the people through his song lyrics. He’s a very talented performer and made his first single”too bad.” If you are going through a rough time after a separation, listening to his song will provide you the motivation that everything will be already, and it’s not the end. It took for him a while to write the lyrics; he composed the lyrics from scratch. Hunid experience after a separation is all written in his song, and it’s not to depart unheard.

Everyone goes through a breakup, but music is something that heals a person’s soul. Music is like a drug; you can feel the emotions in the lyrics. People like to listen to music associated with their situation. For instance, if a man or woman is in a joyful mood, he or she will only listen to a joyful vibe mood and not a depressing song. Hunid tune”too bad” will motivate you and help you cope with the recent breakup.

Hunid lyrics are a narrative of his whole journey after the separation. He has fought a lot, and now after finding his hidden talent, he’s in a lot happier place. Through his music, he wants to share people his journey and to not give up. Breakups are painful, but in times it will heal, and one fine day you will be in a better place. It also helps individuals to self-care and learns a whole lot, just like how hunid did.

This music, like any music of his own, is written through his relationship encounter with his ex-girlfriend, who he actually loved at that time and did everything to make the relationship work even though lots of things didn’t work out. Because of his love for this girl, he did everything to make her happy and adored without realizing the most important thing, that is self-love and attention. In this song, he talks mainly about how he realizes many things following the separation and highlights on the subject of self-love. His songs aren’t only amazing but also an inspiration.


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