No matter how good the product or the services maybe, it would be of no use if no one knew about it. To let the product or the company to flourish it needs to be attached to a dedicated customer base that trusts the product and the company. This is possible only when there is enough promotion and unique messages from the brand. Brand storytelling is an important concept applied to commercial video production to correlate with the customer and audiences at a more personal level.

Storytelling can involve combinations of music, movements, and visuals and sent across mediums like blogs and photo ads and different types of social forums and platforms. Brand storytelling is more than the brand or the company’s history. It involves the working system, the mottos, services, and the customer’s reviews and thoughts and experinces with the brand, product or the company. The video developer should focus on authenticity, the values on which the company stands firmly, and the approachabe side of the company as to how it can relate with its audience.

The commercial video production or the storytelling agency should focus on showing its audience how the company has stood firm on its principles and philosophies. Connect the company with the customers, build a community with them and show live reviews and experiences that the customers are receiving through the company. This paints a vivid and clearer vision to the viewers. It builds the emotional attachment of the viewers as well as highlights the people and the company’s relationship.

The video production should great visuals, music and a definite storyline about the brand or the product. It should have a story regarding its inception, its impacts on people and the world around or how it plans to impact. The video should show and not tell, it should be captivating enough to hold a story. The great way to tell a story through the video is to create a video that explains a trend, showcases the process and inspire the audience to support and activate their schemas.


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