The lion group property provides land acquisition offers to each development unit trust with the capital put into the unit trust. The individual can multiple developments according to the amount of capital possessed to help in investing. The construction funding offers are diversified across multiple different development through loans. SMSFs can also be used to invest and many of the developments are structured in the form of Unit trusts. Ensuring that all investment complaints according to the ATO regulation, engaging in the services of the licensed professionals are recommended.

The updates of investments and property of the lion group property will be received every month via email and there are also invitations on Facebook Groups for the active investors to receive updates on all developments with photos, videos of upcoming events and project launched. The company also maintains an internal sales division to ensure the fulfillment of commitments to investors by selling all properties promptly.

The lion group property Condo below 500k investors are a group of Australian and international investors united by their need for reliable investment providing them financial freedom and flexibility. Largest protection is offered to the investors securing them against the land purchased. The unitholders own the land and entitled to a portion of the trust’s assets based on the number of units they hold. The group holds the duty of protecting the trustees with the deed mandates as their best interests lie in the unitholders and beneficiaries.

If failed to provide so the lion group property is held responsible to the civil and criminal penalties depending on the severity of their actions. Pre-sales are helpful to sell properties as soon as possible but they are usually not essential to obtain the funding required to complete the developments. Funds raised are used to settle the land purchase and obtained via loans. This exists for the development needed to obtain the construction loan.


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