Diabetes mellitus or sugar disease is most common in animals like cats and dogs. The food that is taken orally is converted to glucose which in turn provides energy. There is another hormone released in the body called the insulin. This hormone is important as it uses glucose to convert into fuel. Diabetes in dogs often happens because the body isn’t producing enough insulin to perform the function or when the body is refusing to utilize the insulin that is being produced. Like any other disease, they do have a negative impact on their lives both long and short term.

Age is seen to be one of the biggest factors that lead to the contribution of the disease. They are seen to occur more in elderly dogs most of them who are age 5 and up. The unsprayed dogs are also seen to have more chances of acquiring the disease in comparison with their male counterpart. They also occur in case of a medical condition such as inflammation of the pancreas or chronic pancreatitis. This medical condition favors the damage of the pancreas that results in diabetes.

Obesity in best low residue dog food can also lead to the disease and be a major contributes to insulin resistance. This is one of the factors that lead to pancreatitis which ultimately results in the occurance of the disease. Excessive steroid medication can also be a major factor in causing diabetics. The overproduction of steroids can also lead to the disease.

The disease also occurs due to certain autoimmune disorders or viruses that contribute to the cause. Diabetes is also seen to be genetically passed down from one generation to the next. The type of breed was also seen to closely determine the disease and the mixed breed was seen to be more prone according to most of the researches. Diabetic dog food such as the 4health dry dog food or evolve dog food was often recommended by most of the owners that dealt with their diabetic dog.


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